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Photo of David Knott, Chief Technology Officer, CDDO

David Knott, Chief Technology Officer for UK Government, CDDO

David is a technology leader, strategist and architect with over 30 years experience across a range of industries, including banking, insurance, transportation, utilities and media.

Prior to joining CDDO, David's most recent roles have been as an Expert Partner at Boston Consulting Group, focusing on Cloud, DevOps and Digital Transformation, as a Digital Transformation Officer at Google, and as Chief Architect at HSBC. (And, a very long time ago, his first technology job was as a COBOL programmer in HM Customs & Excise!)

David has designed, constructed and led many large transformation initiatives throughout his career, including the strategy and design for Lloyds Banking Group’s integration of Halifax Bank of Scotland and divestment of TSB, and for HSBC’s strategic move as the first major global financial institution to adopt public Cloud at scale.

David believes passionately in the power of new technologies and new ways of working to liberate organisations from the constraints of their legacy technologies, and specialises in building teams, defining strategies and changing culture to achieve this goal.

David holds a PhD in Philosophy, specialising in Ethics. In recent years, he has applied this expertise in the fields of AI and data ethics, helping HSBC define its first set of ethical principles for the use of AI and data, and working as part of the Responsible AI teams at HSBC, Google and BCG.

Outside work, David kayaks regularly on the sea where he lives, attempts to keep on top of the latest developments in the field of technology ethics, and writes regularly on topics of technology, leadership and innovation in his weekly newsletter.

The use of generative AI in government

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